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Procomcure has specialized in the production and develpoment of PCR reagents. PCC is delivering services to big biotech and pharmaceutical, global players from MERCK to Fresenius, Biomedica, Molecular Devises, University of Exeter, General Hospital of Salzburg etc.

  • Broad PCR product portfolio: All PCR and qPCR reagents for every-day-use like 2X mastermixes for routine applications, LongRange for long target sequences and Multiplex PCR kits for RNA analysis are available in high quality and attractive pricing
  • Maximum instrument compatibility: All qPCR reagents contain a universal ROX concentration suitable for all cyclers normalizing to ROX and an alternative normalization option for Bio-Rad cyclers
  • Maximum Safety: All qPCR mastermixes contain a dUTP/dTTP blend for UNG digestion to eliminate carry-over comtaminations and a HotStart antibody for full control over the reaction start (e. g. for automated applications)
  • Specializes products: ProPlant qPCR mastermixes were developed for use with plant specimen as plant-derived DNA often contains considerable amount of PCR inhibitors
  • Detection kits: The PhoenixDx Series offer highly sensitive, easy-to-use qPCR kits for the specific detection of pathogens from food and other sources
  • Support and collaboration: As the producer of our reagents, we can answer any questions and help with the setup or troubleshooting. If an industrial or academic project requires a custom solution, our team of dedicated scientists is eager to asist
  • Consistent quality: To ensure the best quality to our customers, the development and production of PCR reagents is performed according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 guidelines

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