RFS Product Description

  • Easy to use method for monitoring and measuring gas production
  • Starter Kit includes: Five gas production modules (RF1) with rechargeable batteries and sample bottles, a remote zero, system software, Base Coordinator with USB cable, Ten Station Battery charger and a valve cleaning kit. You Choose the Bottle Size: 250ml, 500ml or 1000ml
  • Modular and expandable (up to 50 modules per set)
  • Easily measure kinetics of microbial metabolism
  • Measure the biodegradability of a substance
  • Measure Yeast vitality / activity
  • High sensitivity pressure measurement
  • Remotely control pressure release
  • Data interface with Excel for graphing
  • Gas sampling capability

* Current and potential applications include: Ruminant Nutrition, Human Digestion, Yeast Vitality / Activity, Biomass to Energy, Biodegradability, Soil Quality, and more.